Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Nikki Beach opens in Layan - Phuket Investor's perspective

Layan Beach - the next boom area in Phuket. NIKKI BEACH opens by one of Phuket's most beautiful beaches.

What's happening on Phuket? A big event for Phuket is that Nikki Beach in Layan just celebrated the grand opening on Friday the 7th of March 2014. Click here for more information about Nikki Beach Phuket & the current event schedule.
There are plenty of parties and events every week. 
How will this affect the property market in Phuket? Well, every new upscale venue helps build the brand of Phuket and every convenience that improves the island lifestyle will combine to increase property valuation for the whole island. Today Phuket has several international hospitals, many large upscale Beach Clubs, Central Festival, six Golf Courses, well functioning internet, Villa Market etc etc. All in all you can live a very comfortable life as an expat on the island. Nikki Beach is located in Layan beach that was really starting to boom before the credit crunch crisis of 2008. Nearby Laguna and Bangtao has all the conveniences you need apart from Nikki Beach. Villa Market, Wine Connection, Supper Club, Tesco Lotus and hundreds of other great restaurants. 

Image of a table at Nikki Beach in Layan Beach on Phuket

At Phuket Properties Ltd we foresee that Layan is one of the hotter property locations in Thailand. The are will see many new developments and locations near the beach will become attractive and generate a lot of rental income.If you want us to send you a list of the best deals available near to Nikki Beach - please contact us by email.

Below are a few properties in the area for sale and rent

Image of a swimming pool at a villa near Nikki Beach in Layan
Luxury Villa Overlooking Nikki Beach

 Apartment only a few hundred metres from Nikki Beach - 3 million baht

Apartment 750 metres from Nikki Beach for sale at 3 million baht

Would you like to rent something affordable near Nikki Beach? Have a look at this listing at AirBNB.

The beach at Layan, Nikki Beach

You can also have a look at the Nikki Beach club and nearby properties on a map on Pinterest

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